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Bio: Educator, Poet, Art Enthusiast and passionate about women's rights, educating Girls and Raising Boys with Compassion. Creativity, Culture, Diversity and Indigenous Art transcend all boundaries What is felt cannot be said, these are just musings inside my head.

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  1. Great, I will get back to you shortly with the link to the nomination as am waiting to hear others consent. I am sure, more traffic will benefit people with your eye opening blog. BTW: it seems we have a lot in common interests, maybe you saw my site and I wondered if you are a fellow Pakistani.?


    1. Yea I am a Pakistani American grown up in the US and now living in Karachi. Pakistan. I did read your writing and we do have common interests but different writing styles. As you can see my writing is more feeling based than fact based. I have a more abstract view if things and avoid getting into details. I want to teach out to humanity and my belief that good overcomes bad and our innate nature is to love not hate. Hope that makes sense and answers your question. Best regarda


      1. Nice to hear that, yes thanks for taking the time for answering my question. I agree different people have different styles, my writing style owes a lot to my vast journalism background and journey as a human rights activist and feminist. Thank you very much once again.


      2. Hey, I have added the award post and your nomination so make sure you pass through my site to view it, thanks.


      3. Thank you so much, sorry if I’m new to this whole blogging experience. I’m truly honored but forgive me as I don’t really understand how this works or how to acknowledge the nomination.


  2. Great blog, i have actually have a lot to say but firstly I wanted to ask you a question. Would you be interested and agree if I nominate you for the versatile blogger award? Your blog is very deserving, please let me know. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for your interest, I am flattered. I write in order to encourage dialogue and show a positive yet realistic view of issues in many parts of the world that go unnoticed or unaddressed. The more people who will read it the greater the awareness.

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  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. I am also passionate about women’s rights and human rights in general – from a different perspective I think – but look forward to reading your posts. Warm wishes from Kingston, Jamaica!


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